We will be adding to this website over the next month and putting up more information about the mental health system in New Zealand. We will continue to add the background to our story also over the next month via the blog.


My Head is About Explode

By Mum | 21/03/2020

My head is going to explode, there is so much noise and it is going to make my head explode. This was a recent episode …

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I Won’t Give Up

By Mum | 14/07/2019

Hmmmm … Hmmmm … Hmmmm … Hmmm … When I look into your eyes It’s like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise So …

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Bad Moment, Not Bad Day

By Mum | 03/07/2019

Today’s lesson from Mum to Miss 13 “Don’t let one bad MOMENT, turn in to one bad day” As soon as I walked into the …

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What You Feel

By Mum | 02/07/2019

What you feel? What does one feel when they have a child going through PTSD? How does one react when you don’t know what to …

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The Team

By Mum | 02/07/2019

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 + Gosh, seriously, it is hard to believe how many people could be involved …

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The Contract

By Mum | 02/07/2019

OH MY GOD!!!! I hate the contract, who invented this system, it is pure punishment to not only the child but the parents who have …

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Talking Book

By Mum | 02/07/2019

I saw this post on Facebook recently that was shared by another parent. It talked about creating a book that your child could write in. …

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Changes with CAF team

By Mum | 02/07/2019

Poor Miss 13, was scheduled for an appointment with her clinical manager at CAF South. After last weeks fiasco no one felt confident that the …

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Meds vs No Meds

By Mum | 01/07/2019

That is the question we are asking ourselves at the moment. Miss 13 is on the highest dose of Fluoxetine that her small frame can …

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Time Passes

By Mum | 28/06/2019

It is hard to explain to anyone else who isn’t living this journey how much time and energy is spent every single day, trying to …

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