Wow, Library Books!!

This afternoon I was confronted with a Miss 13 that was looking pissy with me, but I could tell by her body language that this conversation was going to go either way. It started with:

“Mum, did you call the school on me?”

“What about?”

“Telling them I needed books to read”

When I asked her to explain a little more it appears that the school got my email and for once actioned something and someone reached out to the school librarian who took her time to search out a pile of books for Miss13 to look through and pick some to read. You can imagine her surprise when she rocked into the library and the librarian told her that her mum had been in touch and she had this pile to look through.

"Well Mum did you?" she asked.

"Well technically I sent an email out to our support group and they have passed that on to the librarian who found them for you. I was hoping to find you some things to read about PTSD, trauma and help you to feel like you are not alone."


"Did I do wrong?"

"No mum, thanks, I picked a few to read and I will go back for more."

And off she trotted. PHEW well, that one went well.

Well done to the school for helping us with this.

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