Bad Moment, Not Bad Day

Today's lesson from Mum to Miss 13

"Don't let one bad MOMENT, turn in to one bad day"

As soon as I walked into the house today and saw Miss 13, I knew that she was not in a good headspace. She wasn't willing to talk to anyone and was angry, defensive and downright rude. Both DH and I knew something had gone on at school but until we knew what it was and she wanted to talk we had nothing to work with. She eventually got sent to her room to cry.

The ping of an email arriving in our inbox with an email explaining that Miss 13 had been removed from class for her behaviour instantly gave us clarity on what had caused the mood.

The silly thing about the whole situation, was yes she got removed from class period 4 for her behaviour, she then had an amazing class period 5 and got all 5's for polite and amazing behaviour.

The motto this whole post and what we talked about is that she had one bad moment in the day, then some amazing moments in the next class, but she then came home and let that one bad moment nearly ruin the night with her family.

So we are working on one bad moment not turning in to one bad day.



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