Changes with CAF team

Poor Miss 13, was scheduled for an appointment with her clinical manager at CAF South. After last weeks fiasco no one felt confident that the appointment was going to go ahead. We keep her home as advised by the school principal as she had mentioned she didn't want to go (she was sick of being mucked around) so she said she wouldn't go to the office.

DH and Miss 13 headed off to do jobs before her 12pm appointment and surprise surprise we get a phone call from CAF south, NO Clinical Manager.

This is the point where we introduce another clinical manager, he is now the person who is looking to replace our current one. He offered to take over Miss 13's case. She is sick of being mucked around, as are we, however, there are things we need to consider:

  • The fact that he is a male
  • The unhealthy relationship Miss 13 formed with her counsellor from Start

It was agreed they would meet and see how things went, especially as we have now been waiting over four weeks. The idea of our meeting with current manger was to create a crisis plan. This guy seemed keen to be a fix it man. He wanted to start fixing things before he had longer than half an hour to read her notes.

Key points that DH said they talked about

  • He doesn't have to see her every week he will only oversee her case so she can see others in the CAF system
  • Talked about her meds
  • He gave her a worksheet to fill out her triggers and things that help her (one would think they would have done this 18 months ago)

They going back next week which is at least something hopefully he doesn't cancel

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