Treatment and Crisis Plan

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What the heck is a Treatment Plan? A what .....what? A Crisis Plan?????

We were completely struck dumb when we were asked by our Health Advocate what the plans said. For once I was stuck for words. I think my mouth may have hang open for a few seconds and I know DH and I looked at each other with a look of surprise.

Neither of us had heard of any such thing, and all it was an innocent comment from our Health Advocate asking us what does Miss 13 treatment plan say around school issues. Our answer "what treatment plan?" When we could actually speak it become clear that we had never formally been told about a treatment plan as such for Miss 13, this would have included coping strategies for home, school, treatment, medication, review dates etc. Don't get me wrong we had been told that this is her diagnoses and we think she should take medication for her anxiety and she a psychologist and see the Youth Mental Health Services once a month. That was it, nothing else just that.

Wow! Who would have believed there was supposed to be a more robust and in-depth plan that was more like a living document that could bend and shape as things changed for her.

BUT........our advocate had not done shocking us yet, she then asked about our Crisis Plan, she assumed because of the volatile state that she was in that we would have some form of a plan put in place for these situations. I have to say I may have laughed hysterically at this point, choked and then finally managed to find my words to ask what she meant. It appears the expectation is that in cases such as Miss 13's a crisis plan would be established. This would include triggers, things that help reground her, behaviour management techniques, who to contact if we are no coping, what to do if she harms, etc, etc, the list goes on.

At this stage I was quite emotional, the tears of pure frustration were wanting to surface because OMG if someone had given us a crisis plan months ago then maybe just maybe we would have better equipped to cope.

I am not saying it would have been an answer to everything but in those moments of pure desperation, when we were so lost, when we had no more strength left and we had no one to call we could have referred to this plan and at least known that we were following it and had resources to fall back on.

So you ask where are we at now with these plans? Well, we have been sent a kind of treatment plan if you could call it that, more a summary of the meeting notes for the last 18 months. With a clear note saying review for DISCHARGE in 8 weeks.

As for the crisis plan, well sadly we are no further ahead after four failed attempts at having a meeting to create this plan. Hopefully, we finally get some movement forward once we have this plan and hopefully it will enable us to feel somewhat more in control of the terrible crisis moments.

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