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This journey has many different ups and downs.

There is sheer frustration, anger at the unfairness of everything Miss 13 is going through, hate, sadness, doubt, and mistrust to name a few emotions.

We often find ourselves asking each other what is going on, what is normal, what is wrong, what can we do differently? This is when the journey is a lonely one. Our families journey is uniquely our own and though there are many out there walking a similar walk it is not something that people go around advertising.

So what do parents do when they have no one to talk to who are walking the walk, they turn to Facebook?

Both DH and I were both extremely surprised at the number of groups out there on Facebook that could offer us some support.

There are groups specific to parenting youth with mental illness, parenting teens, mental awareness NZ, anxiety groups, PTSD groups.

Both of us sat there reading others questions on these pages and we could relate. FINALLY, others who were doing it hard like we are. FINALLY others with the same sort of question, others who were answering those questions, others that we could relate to and offer our own experiences and advice.

Who would have thought that Facebook would be able to provide such peace?

So lovely to hear tips and experience that showed that Miss 13's experiences were similar to others going through similar things.

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