Meds vs No Meds

That is the question we are asking ourselves at the moment. Miss 13 is on the highest dose of Fluoxetine that her small frame can deal with, this equals 1 tablet one day and 2 the next and alternating this. The meds were first given to her nearly a year ago to help with what was diagnosed as anxiety. 

This was the first thing that CAF South had recommended. We were advised that a lot of Miss 13’s behaviors, in the beginning, was created by anxiety, hence why she was so withdrawn and then flying off the wall. It was horrid to watch her be so anxious about things and we agreed with what they told us as she would become withdrawn in social situations, go in to flight or fight mode if she felt backed in to a corner and spent a great part of her day worrying about others reactions to her, how they would perceive and god help a teacher who asked her to read out loud in class or do a speech. 

They also believed that we would see less of the rage as they felt that she would be able to feel less anxious which they believed was the cause of some of her rages.

They suggested that the meds would help clear the anxiety and that this will then enable the physiologist to start working on the diagnosed PTSD. We discussed this with Miss 13 and she agreed that she was willing to give it ago.

Well 12 months down the track and we are now asking whether we should continue the meds. Yes, she has hardly any anxiety, yes, she is able to do a lot more in social situations, yes, she is more confident at school and can complete more public tasks, yes, she doesn’t feel doubt about herself, or what others think about her. Has this stopped the rage? NO!!! AS we all know the rage and outburst are at times off the wall and two or three times a day, sometimes extreme sometimes just a niggle.

So we are left asking ourselves what is worst, the anxiety or the rage. Are the meds help? Well yes with the anxiety, but now we have a raging girl who so wants to not rage but can’t control her outburst.

Will taking her off the anxiety meds decrease the rage, will it bring the anxiety back. Is it worth the risk? That is the questions we are trying to sort.

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