Missing Child

OMG, the madam did not return home from school today. Thankfully as I write this things have calmed down and the heart in your throat has returned to my chest. The pure fear and then anger at what has passed and she is now tucked up in her bed.

So today Miss 13 and I had the mother of all disagreements, we both said things we regret, in all honesty, I have never ever been so hurt by her, and I am pretty sure the way I ended the fight sounded well and truly final to her. She stormed off to school upset, I sat in the car for half an hour crying then made my way to work.

As the day wore on I sat there realising what an asshole I had been lowering myself that I stopped and reminded myself how much I love that kid. I headed home early as I hoped to catch her not long after she came in the door to make amends.

Time passes, the children were late home, I heard them arrive and waited for 5 minutes then went down.

No Miss 13!! The other children informed me that she had gone to our friend's house. Time to check in with DG as by this stage I had thought this was something that was agreed to especially considering our stompy moods that morning.

Panic!!!!!! No nothing was arranged. I quiz the kids more, DH calls the school. No, they don't know where she is. Yes, she could have got on a bus, no we would have no idea if she had, no we have no way I know which one.

We now have a MISSING CHILD!!!  Miss 11 mentioned seeing her wave from a bus, so we were pretty sure she was on one and pretty sure it was the one to our friend's house. I rung our friend. No answer by her, poor girl I called her 5 times, finally reached yes she was at home and would meet the bus. DH roared off to meet the bus and bring our daughter home, I headed out for a quick drive around the township just to make sure.

Ten minutes later, text from friend, the bus just pulled up, and DH has one sheepish child.

One child returned home safely, albeit spending the night in her room. One mum and daughter who make amends.

Why did she run away, because she thought no one wanted her anymore.

The irony of the matter is it couldn't be any further from the truth. I love that girl so much, she will always be my daughter even if I did not give birth to her.

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