Mum, I want to be normal

How does one help a child be normal? How do you make a child feel like they are not alone? That there are others out in the world, in New Zealand that are going through similar stuff. Well before you begin you help your child accept that they need help and that they have a mental health concern (that is another post), but once you do that you try so hard to talk to them about it. In this case I was really not sure how I could get the message through to Miss 13 that she was not alone, so I spoke with DH about how we could find something for her to read.

Having spent the night before finding our own support groups we wanted Miss 13 to read more about PTSD and what that means for her, some real stories and books. So it was time for an email out to all the relevant team members to see what support we could be offered, eg magazines, groups and/or books. I look forward to seeing that comes out of the wood work with this one.

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