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Finally, we have found someone who is actually here for us, as parents of a child with a mental illness. I feel such relief, feel lighter knowing that we have someone who understands what we are trying to achieve and has walked the journey themselves.

Introducing Supporting Families

Supporting families and whānau to provide the best possible quality of life and recovery to their loved one who has a mental illness and to their own self care.

We do this by free support, education and information for family and whānau.  Mutual support, the sharing of experiences and gaining strength and skills to cope better through participation in support groups.  Promoting the rights and needs of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Taken from their website

What has this meant for us? We now have a health advocate who is supporting us. She comes with us to meetings, offers us her feedback on what she feels is happening. She is there to talk when we need to.

She came up with the idea of complete transparency and has offered to project manager all these professionals. Suddenly I feel lighter just knowing that we have someone we can talk to about how we feel, what our frustrations are, and knowing there is actually someone there just for us to help keep us mentally sane enough to keep pushing for the best for Miss 13.

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