Talking Book


I saw this post on Facebook recently that was shared by another parent. It talked about creating a book that your child could write in.

So I thought it could be something that would work for both of the girls and possibly the boys.

So I have been busy creating these books. They have a special note inside say

This book has been made especially for you to write your thoughts, your dreams, your worries, any concerns you may have or anything you would like to tell mum and dad without actually having to say it.

This book is only for your eyes and mum and dads. What is written in this book stays in the book, and will not be discussed openly.

The book has had varying results for the girls, and with so much going on in the house I introduced them for the boys also.

The girls use them in their own way, with both questions and gripes put in the books. Miss 13 has tried to use the books a couple of times to tell us off as parents or something else she feels that we may have done wrong or that she may have been wronged by.

It is a good place for her to vent and we get the choice to respond or not.

A lot of the time our responses are simply, "we hear what you are saying, thank you".

At least the book makes her feel heard and it eliminates the need for disagreements.



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