The Team

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Gosh, seriously, it is hard to believe how many people could be involved in one young person's care. People come and people go, trying to find the right people for the right job can be so hard, with each person that leaves Miss 13 is left feeling rejected.


This is the team of people who are currently invested in some way with Miss 13’s and the families well-being. We have the following:

  • CAF Case Manager
  • CAF Psychiatrist
  • ACC Psychologist
  • School Principal
  • Yr 9 Dean
  • Susan (Dr)
  • ACC Case Worker

For the family we now have:

  • Health Advocate
  • Male SF Counsellor supporting Mr 11 and Mr 14
  • Female SF Counsellor supporting Miss 11
  • School Counsellor

Can you imagine trying to keep up to date with everything? I tell you it can be a nightmare, a full-time job.

We also have future people about to join our team of people, which includes

  • Replacement CAF South Manager
  • Facilitators of the sibling mental health sessions
  • Case Manager of MST (Multi-Systemic Therapy)

It is also weird looking back at the people who have been, some who have had some great impact and others you just can't really remember.



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