Time for Transparency

The one thing that we have learnt having brought Diane on from Supporting families is that Lilly-Anne's case lack transparency. Both Stephan and I act as the project managers of all these people involved including:

  • the school principal
  • Year 9 dean
  • the Dr
  • CAF South Clinical Manager
  • Psychologist

No one talks to each other, they come to us to get clarification on each other, and one team does not know what the other team is doing.

Then along came our Health Advocate and she came up with a plan that was simple and something you would have thought we as us as internet people would have thought of.

Yes, the simple group email, where everyone is cc'ed into the email and when anyone responds then they have got to go 'respond all'. Such a simple thing and suddenly everyone is answerable to each other, suddenly there are no more closed-door conversations that we were excluded from. We suddenly could see what was happening behind the scenes. They were able to see what each other was doing and the beauty of it we could update everyone in one swoop.

Now let's see how things play out, now that everyone can see what everyone else is doing.

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