Time Passes

It is hard to explain to anyone else who isn't living this journey how much time and energy is spent every single day, trying to get Miss 13 the help and support she needs.

Time passes so quickly and with the blink of an eye half the day has passed, with emails to answer from school, appointments to chase up, following up on things that need to be sorted for her, phone calls to people who want to tell us what she has supposedly done wrong.

The next day it is time for an appointment, down in Ashburton, which is an hour drive, she then spends time with her psychologist then, an hour drive back. While we are returning home, the email pings and it is the school principal who wants to see us about Miss 13. Of course, he is not available when we are so we spend more time waiting around until he can fit us in. We then meet with him, all while time is ticking by.

Time keeps on ticking, minutes, hours that turn in to days, trying to get the best we can for our girl. Do we resent it? Sometimes yes because so many people seem to spend her and our time wasting it, getting nowhere going over the same ground, no answers, no solutions, no way forward.

Each with their own agenda in a dance of trying to help her, but no one actually doing anything.

Blaming her for her behaviour, blaming her for others behaviours, Time keeps on ticking and with each moment passing we sit on the sideline of our lives waiting for them to help us with the things that are the forefront for us at the moment.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Miss 13's and our time is of no value to anyone but ourselves, and our time is no longer ours while we wait.

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